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Galería Horrach Moyà
Plaça de la Drassana 15 - 07012 Palma


Susy Gómez (Pollença, Mallorca. 1964), burst onto de Spanish artistic scene at the beginning of the nineties. Her works have been included in major art collections such as: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid), CAC Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (Málaga), IVAM (Valencia), Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin), GAM (Torino), Fundación La Caixa (Barcelona),Salama Bint Hamdan al Nahyan Foundation (Abu Dhabi), White Rabbit Collection (Australia), De la Cruz Collection (Miami), as well as national and international exhibitions such as: Mundanzas, Whitechapel Art Gallery (Londres); Salón de los 16 (Madrid); Maldito corazón, Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró (Palma); Ofelias y Ulises, Biennale de Venecia; Femmes d’Europe, La Citadelle,Saint Tropez; Tres narrativas en tres partes, Caixaforum, (Barcelona); Reproductibil.litat 1.0. Es Baluard (Palma); La casa, il corpo, il cuore, Konstruktion der Identitäten. Museum Moderner Kunststifftung Ludwig (Viena); Haber hecho un lugar donde los artistas tengan derecho a equivocarse, Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, (Barcelona); Las tres dimensiones del Quijote, Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid); Arte de los años 80 y 90. Colección de Arte Moderno Reina Sofía (Madrid); Museo de arte contemporáneo de Kobe, Japón, Big Sur, Hamburguer Bahnhof Museum fur Gegenwart (Berlin); El baile de la vida. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Ibiza; Traditional objects: Contemporary still life Neuberger Museum(New York). Susy Gómez is represented by the galleries Mario Mauroner, Toni Tàpies, Filomena Soares, Giorgio Persano and Horrach Moyà.

Susy Gómez works have been created on the basis of a reflection on the identity. They have emerged from the wish to explore the intersection between art and spirituality, the social action and the identity. Her work express concern for the individual’s place in the contemporary world. She transforms and transmutes images from the real or from his media representation. Her works talks in a fragmented way, although not interrupted by the existence.

Susy Gomez’s artistic practice is structured around a central axis: The displace of the western monologic speech, white and masculine. She understands contemporary art in the representation field as a political revolution which in its turn constitutes the genealogy of what nowadays is her artistic language.

In this exhibition entitled METALLICA, Susy Gómez brings us back to a “Present Continuous” the history of one of her family works, the ones made in metal. This show features for the first time art pieces of all her artistic career; from the seminal sculptures like Corazón de oro, 1995, first exhibited at the Gallery Giorgio Persano in Torino, Ioni showed in 1997 at Toni Tapies Gallery in Barcelona, Mientras las manos llueven, featured in 1999 at the Gallery Soledad Lorenzo in Madrid, or Lingam exhibited as well in Toni Tapies Gallery in 2003, to a group of recent sculptures like Puerta Nº 1 y Puerta Nº2, 2018 as well as the dress sculptures installation that conforms a constellation and gives name to the Exhibition .

METALLICA is a “Happening”, a coming-into-presence, an event that induces the viewer to understands his vital baggage. An invitation to bring back the spiritual dimension to the physical body, that the western civilization, the patriarchal society and contemporary world has excluded. METALLICA it’s a call to regain the feminine beat in everyday life, to liberate the gender stereotypes where the masculine has been reduce to a cold rationality and to an objectified sexuality.