Galeria Horrach Moya
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terence koh
empty boat!

Galería Horrach Moyà Sadrassana
Plaça de la Drassana 15 - 07012 Palma de Mallorca.

galeria horrach moya overlooks drassana square. this square was built during the middle ages and at the beginning of modern times the shipyard of palma de mallorca. here was the place where boats were built and repaired and an area frequented by navigators, corsairs and pirates for its proximity to the sea.

the galeria building itself was a home for boat builders in the 19th and 20th century and at that time the waters from the mediterranean sea came into the square almost touching the building. today there is a carved boat over the main door of the building reminding us the boat building history of this place.

eye will live in the gallery as my home in mallorca for the exhibition and during my stay we are working on building a boat in the gallery. the materials for the boat are what we can gather for free and reuse around mallorca and on oct 21 at 6pm we will take the boat out in a procession too the mediterranean sea. we dont know if the boat will sink or float once at sea and eye don't mind what happens.

in the room next too the boat building room will bee another boat covered in bandages of beeswax and filled with solar salt. the visitor is invited too take of their shoos and lay in the boat. if yoo ring the boat bell and eye am around eye will bee very happy too gift a head massage for yoo on the boat. eye have been observing when massaging too empty my self. there is a great energy when one realizes how much is wasted feeding the ego. this energy vibrates both ways from yoo too me and me too yoo.
the little room on the first floor is my bedroom and bath area. the bathtub will bee filled with water from the mediterranean sea.

upstairs in another room will bee the first european debut of the bee chapel. writing this eye realize that in a way the bee chapel is almost like the mother ship of the honey bees and each lady venturing out into drassana square a brave little boat exploring and navigating the sea of humanity. it is perhaps fitting that a statue of jaume ferrer stands in the middle of square right in front of the flight of the bees. jaume a majorcan sailor and explorer was lost at sea while searching for aurum de paiola or gold pollen.

in the adjoining room we have set up the space too make traditional majorcan bread. the bread will bee distributed every weekday too the needy and for visitors too nourish fresh out of the oven with local honey. the same room we will also have a sitting area too enjoy fresh tea made from a selection of plants we will grow in the gallery.

this room is a multi-functional room for community breathing exercises, stretching, movie nights, a zone too talk and take into action social justice and various social activities. a gathering of a human hive. a whole family of many local majorcans came togather too create and build this exhibition. like a bee eye am only one part of a whole.

eye dont consider my stay in the gallery as performance nor life as art or art as life. its life itself in all its entirety. if eye may bee direct the vibration weaving all the parts of the exhibition togather is freeing the conditioned mind. this freeing of our minds has been the greatest discovery eye have observed in my little time on this planet. eye know that it is possible for any and all of us too free ourselves though there is no guide too get yoo there and the navigation too light one's own lamp is one of the hardest thing one can doo. krishnamurti said "truth is a pathless land" and in the same flow thích nhất hạnh wrote "the raft is not the shore."

may eye kindly point out the fountain at drassana plaza is an octogon and there are eight trees circling and protecting the water.

terence koh 27 sep 17 oo 4:02pm palma de majorca