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  MARCH 24 - MAY 6, 2012.  

Paradigm is the title of the fourth individual exhibition of the artist Carles Congost (Olot, Girona, 1970) at Horrach Moyà Gallery in Palma de Mallorca.

In this exhibition the artist puts forward a game of interrelations between some of his most recent projects by addressing different techniques and formats such as video, photography, painting, sculpture and drawing.

The collection of works included in this exhibition is organized around one main work, the homonymous video Paradigm (2012), which represents a departure both formally and conceptually from the artist’s previous works. This new piece represents a commitment on behalf of the artist to an overtly cinematographic language placing his discourse in the renovated territory of the suggestive and the ambiguous. This work presents a highly recognizable situation within the police procedural genre, both in films and TV series. The characters that take part in the story appear gradually and in slow motion becoming integrated in a setting that, to begin with, leaves little room for improvisation. In spite of the multiplicity of familiar spaces represented in the first scenes of the film, the narration progressively releases subtle and disturbing signals that aim at articulating a mysterious choreography, a kind of ritual that shifts the fortuitous encounter between characters to an unwonted place, far beyond the typical law enforcement stereotype and its restricted conception of law and order.  In this video we find numerous references to contemporary films and film directors such as the mythical western Once Upon A Time In The West, (1968), directed by Sergio Leone starring Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson. The original soundtrack of Paradigm was composed jointly by the artist Carles Congost , the Greek musician Evripidis Sabatis and Stefano Macarrone, leader of the Barcelona pop group Mendetz.

The exhibition also includes a series of photographs taken during the shooting of the video portraying variations of the leading actors’ original performances.  The artist aims at taking  the project beyond the scope of the recorded image by proposing a visual revision of his iconographic universe. He thus achieves through a series of small format drawings and paintings which evoke novel and complementary readings. 

Finally, it is worth nothing the inclusion in the show of the sculpture A Church in Suffolk, (2011), a cardboard scale model illustrating a significant chapter of the biography of the British synthpop group Talk Talk, in particular that of its confinement in an abandoned church in the east of England during the late Eighties, and the strange circumstances surrounding the recording of the album “Spirit of Eden”, considered by the critics the clearest forerunner of the Post-Rock sound of the Nineties.

A Church in Suffolk, (2011) is part of a more ambitious work in progress, titled Ascension Day that deals with different concepts and ideals involved in the creative process such as inspiration, silence and light.


Carles Congost