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  VASCO ARAÚJO: <<identity stories
  SEPTEMBER 20- NOVEMBER 10, 2012.  

In Identity Stories, the artist makes use of metaphorical narratives, plots characterised by solitude and divergences in order to represent allegorically the theme of change in the human being and the dichotomy between the real and the unreal, deceiving and deluding the spectator in the expectation that he believes what he sees or, ultimately, what he does not see.

Here, the metaphor of the volcano or the island serves the purpose of speaking of the internal dimension of the human being as a psychological entity in a state of constant change as an evolutionary process. The exhibition will feature two video works: Vulcano from 2012 and Insula from 2010. Accompanying the video Insula will be a series of fourteen drawings on cardboard inspired by drawings of medieval maps. Six wall pieces, consisting of wooden panels featuring paintings of volcanoes and phrases taken from the text of the
video, will be exhibited in conjunction with the video Vulcano.

The video Vulcano consists of a film of twenty-six copies of eighteenth-century paintings of volcanoes. A contemporary painter was commissioned to paint all of these works in accordance with the same principles on which the original eighteenth-century paintings were based, although in this case the artist was asked to depict not natural events but the interpreted copies of representations previously created by other painters. In addition to all of this, a text speaks of the parallels between a volcanic eruption and an internal/psychological revolution in the human being as a transmutable life form, thus defining his or her identity through pain, fear and spiritual elevation. The text is recited in Italian by a narrator. Vulcano is a reflection on volcanic eruptions as a metaphor for the inner psychological transmutation of the human being as an evolving being.

In the video Insula, the statement 'we are an island' creates the space for a physical and psychological comparison between the island and the human being, for which change is a modification affecting any physical or non-physical circumstance, situation or condition in a way that not only makes the original different from what it was but also alters it so radically that it becomes absolutely unrecognisable
and incapable of returning to anything resembling its previous state.

Insula is about the idea of the island as a metaphor for the human being, highlighting the notion of inner solitude as a driving force for the construction and reinvention of identity.

<<identity stories